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Remembering Theological Education in the Sixties, GTU Oral History Collection - 1988, E.T. Earl Lectures-The Fifties, Graduate Theological Union Library, Publications, Videos, Temple of Religion and Tower of Peace, Viktor Frankl Library and Memorabilia, Edith Stein Collection, Andrew P. Porter Writings, The Transforming Spiritual Landscape of Peripheral Faith Communities Series, and The Pacific Coast Theological Society.
Claude Welch

Institutional Archives

Announcing, GTU Catalogs from 1962-63 to 1974-75, Claude Welch, Sherman Johnson.
Right On logo 1969

Newspapers, Journals and Pamphlets

A survey of evangelical churches (1916), Berkeley: A center of theological education (1952), Berkeley-Albany Religious Census (1962), Right On! (1969 - 1972).

Doug Adams, Graduation

Religious Leaders in California

Doug Adams, Norman Berryessa, John Pairman Brown, Robert McAfee Brown, Marilyn Chilcote, Dody Donnelly, Robert D. Fitch, Sister Maureen Hally, Sister Kathleen Healy, Thomas Starr King, James Larson, Bernie Mazel, Bob McKenzie, Bill O'Donnell, Peter Sammon, Arlene B. Schaupp, Winfred B. Schaller, Gustav H. Schultz, Robert Whitaker, Sister Bernadette Wombacher, Richard York, Berkeley Free Church, Sanctuary Movement, The Sunday Before [Japanese-American Internment].
Margaret Palmer Taylor

Sacred Dance

Margaret Palmer Taylor, Hanover Rhythmic Choir.
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