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All of the Right On! issues published by the Christian World Liberation Front from 1969 to 1976 are currently available online. Right On! was one of the first underground Christian newspapers in the United States. The group was founded by Jack Sparks, a former professor with a PhD in statistics, who with others in Berkeley broke away from Campus Crusade for Christ to found the CWLF. The paper was considered the most intellectual of the Jesus People publications at the time.

We have also posted the writings of Professor Andrew P. Porter. Porter (1946- ) has been a physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and has taught in the department of philosophy of religion at Graduate Theological Union and in the department of philosophy and religious studies at Dominican College in San Rafael, California. His teaching and research interests include phenomenological philosophy, especially as applied to monotheism; Bible; the doctrine of providence; analogy in religious language, the via negativa; the theology of H. Richard Niebuhr; philosophy of Martin Heidegger; and science and religion.

Viktor Frankl and Randolph Sassnet

Viktor Frankl Library and Memorabilia

Edith Stein, 1925

Edith Stein Collection

Eal Lectures committee letterhead cropped

E.T. Earl Lectures
The Fifties

Earl Lectures-1948
Claude Welch, groundbreaking

Building a Library

Temple of Religion

Temple of Religion and Tower of Peace

Elsie Culver

Elsie Thomas Culver:
A Journey Through
Post-World War II Europe

September 25-October 20, 1945


Imaging Religion: An Exhibition
in Honor of the 50th Anniversary
of the Graduate Theological Union

July 2012-June 2013

King James Bible Exhibit
J. Stilson Judah

Oral Histories
Graduate Theological Union

Maisner flyer

Art Exhibits: Cards and Flyers

Doug Adams

Doug Adams
His Life and Work



Robert McAfee Brown:
Glimpses of What Life is
Meant To Be


Oral History of the
Sanctuary Movement



Thomas Starr King

Berkeley Free Church

Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections and Archives at the Graduate Theological Union offer a variety of digital resources on theological education, social justice, art and religious activities in the West. The online exhibits reflect the collections at the GTU and provide primary sources that assist scholars and students in their research.

Special Collections and Archives at the Graduate Theological Union, founded in 1962, was formally established in 1989. The collection records the American religious experience in the West, religious dialogue, the Christian and wider religious intellectual heritage, and the ministries of the GTU's member schools and centers.

Housed are over 400 different collections and 1500 linear feet of archival, manuscript and non-textual materials, as well as more than 10,000 rare books and pamphlets.

Finding aids to the collection are located at Online Archive of California or through GRACE.

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